Hotel for sale marbella – not modern hotel

Today I have another offer for you – hotel for sale marbella.
Price: two hundred thousand euros (discount possible for quick negotiations)

Number of rooms: five hundred
This hotel is unique in that it has a lot of floors and rooms. As I mentioned, in this hotel we can see a beauty we have never seen before. This hotel is characterized by a beautiful and attractive, but at the same time interesting and mysterious, but nice atmosphere. The hotel is very spacious. In each room you can see the wonderful sunshine that shines through every window, which is why the hotel is also called Sunlight Hotel. If you do not know, it is because it is completely illuminated by the light of the sun.
There are lots of colorful flowers in front of the hotel. When we enter the hotel, the first thing we see is the reception (reception room). Here you can find out about the price of rented rooms, the purchase of a hotel, if you have a problem getting into the room and so on, there is a lot.


At the entrance to the first room we will see a beautiful room lit by sunlight. The room is furnished in the old-fashioned style (furniture, bed linen, room color), but still the room has a very nice atmosphere. The furniture is outdated compared to today, but it doesn\’t matter at all. Not every room in a hotel is like that.
From this room we can go to the balcony, which is quite spacious and is bordered by a yellow railing, so that it does not happen that someone falls from the hotel. The railing is here for safety.
Furthermore, we can see the toilet, whose tiles are black and green, which creates a slightly scary impression (which is true, but not everyone must like it) and a shower and bath. So you can choose where to bathe – whether in the bath or shower.
I hope you enjoyed this offer and do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested.

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